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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 33, Number 4, April 2024 , pages 253-262

Dual-loss CNN: A separability-enhanced network for current-based fault diagnosis of rolling bearings
Lingli Cui, Gang Wang, Dongdong Liu, Jiawei Xiang and Huaqing Wang

    Current-based mechanical fault diagnosis is more convenient and low cost since additional sensors are not required. However, it is still challenging to achieve this goal due to the weak fault information in current signals. In this paper, a dual-loss convolutional neural network (DLCNN) is proposed to implement the intelligent bearing fault diagnosis via current signals. First, a novel similarity loss (SimL) function is developed, which is expected to maximize the intra-class similarity and minimize the inter-class similarity in the model optimization operation. In the loss function, a weight parameter is further introduced to achieve a balance and leverage the performance of SimL function. Second, the DLCNN model is constructed using the presented SimL and the cross-entropy loss. Finally, the two-phase current signals are fused and then fed into the DLCNN to provide more fault information. The proposed DLCNN is tested by experiment data, and the results confirm that the DLCNN achieves higher accuracy compared to the conventional CNN. Meanwhile, the feature visualization presents that the samples of different classes are separated well.
Key Words
    convolutional neural network; fault diagnosis; feature representation; information fusion; rolling bearing
(1) Lingli Cui, Gang Wang, Dongdong Liu:
Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100124, China;
(2) Jiawei Xiang:
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou 325035, China;
(3) Huaqing Wang:
College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029, China.

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