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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 31, Number 3, March 2023 , pages 275-281

Constructing a digital twin for estimating the response and load of a piping system subjected to seismic and arbitrary loads
Dongchang Kim, Gungyu Kim, Shinyong Kwag and Seunghyun Eem

    In recent years, technological developments have rapidly increased the number of complex structures and equipment in the industrial. Accordingly, the prognostics and health monitoring (PHM) technology has become significant. The safety assessment of industrial sites requires data obtained by installing a number of sensors in the structure. Therefore, digital twin technology, which forms the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is attracting attention in the safety field. The research on digital twin technology of structures subjected to seismic loads has been conducted recently. Hence, this study proposes a digital twin system that estimates the responses and arbitrary load in real time by utilizing the minimum sensor to a pipe that receives a seismic and arbitrary load. To construct the digital twin system, a finite-element model was created considering the dynamic characteristics of the pipe system, and then updating the finite-element model. In addition, the calculation speed was improved using a finite-element model that applied the reduced-order modeling (ROM) technology to achieve real-time performance. The constructed digital twin system successfully and rapidly estimated the load and the point where the sensor was not attached. The accuracy of the constructed digital twin system was verified by comparing the response of the digital twin model with that derived by using the load estimated from the digital twin model as input in the finite-element model.
Key Words
    digital twin; finite element model; real-time; reduced-order modeling (ROM); topography prognostics and health monitoring (PHM)
(1) Dongchang Kim, Gungyu Kim, Seunghyun Eem:
School of Convergence & Fusion System Engineering, Major in Plant System Engineering, Kyungpook National University, 2559 Gyeongsang-daero, Sangju, 37224, Republic of Korea;
(2) Shinyong Kwag:
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanbat National University, 125 Dongseo-daero, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34158, Republic of Korea.

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