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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 28, Number 6, December 2021 , pages 791-798

Impact in bioconvection MHD Casson nanofluid flow across Darcy-Forchheimer Medium due to nonlinear stretching surface
Humaira Sharif, Muzamal Hussain, Mohamed A. Khadimallah, Muhammad Nawaz Naeem, Hamdi Ayed and Abdelouahed Tounsi

    Current investigation aims to analyze the characteristics of magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow of bioconvection Casson fluid in the presence of nano-size particles over a permeable and non-linear stretchable surface. Fluid passes through the Darcy-Forchheimer permeable medium. Effect of different parameter such as Darcy-Forchheimer, porosity parameter, magnetic parameter and Brownian factor are investigated. Increasing Brownian factor leads to the rapid random movement of nanosize particles in fluid flows which shows an expansion in thermal boundary layer and enhances the nanofluid temperature more rapidly. For large values of Darcy-Forchheimer, magnetic parameter and porosity factor the velocity profile decreases. Higher values of velocity slip parameter cause decreasing trend in momentum layer with velocity profile.
Key Words
    bio-convection; casson nanofluid; Darcy-Forchheimer flow; energy activation; nonlinear stretching surface; numerical solution; slip boundary conditions
(1) Humaira Sharif, Muzamal Hussain, Muhammad Nawaz Naeem:
Department of Mathematics, Govt. College University Faisalabad, 38000, Faisalabad, Pakistan;
(2) Mohamed A. Khadimallah:
Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, BP 655, Al-Kharj, 16273, Saudi Arabia;
(3) Mohamed A. Khadimallah:
Laboratory of Systems and Applied Mechanics, Polytechnic School of Tunisia, University of Carthage, Tunis, Tunisia;
(4) Hamdi Ayed:
Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, King Khalid University, Abha — 61421, Saudi Arabia;
(5) Hamdi Ayed:
Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics of Sousse, University of Sousse, Sousse 4023, Tunisia;
(6) Abdelouahed Tounsi:
YFL (Yonsei Frontier Lab), Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea;
(7) Abdelouahed Tounsi:
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, 31261 Dhahran, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.

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