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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 25, Number 5, May 2020, pages 559-567

Multiple model switching adaptive control for vibration control of cantilever beam with varying load using MFC actuators and sensors
Zhiyuan Gao, Jiaqi Huang, Zhonghua Miao and Xiaojin Zhu

    Vibration at the tip of various flexible manipulators may affect their operation accuracy and work efficiency. To suppress such vibrations, the feasibility of using MFC actuators and sensors is investigated in this paper. Considering the convergence of the famous filtered-x least mean square (FXLMS) algorithm could not be guaranteed while it is employed for vibration suppression of plants with varying secondary path, this paper proposes a new multiple model switching adaptive control algorithm to implement the real time active vibration suppression tests with a new multiple switching strategy. The new switching strategy is based on a cost function with reconstructed error signal and disturbance signal instead of the error signal from the error sensor. And from a robustness perspective, a new variable step-size sign algorithm (VSSA) based FXLMS algorithm is proposed to improve the convergence rate. A cantilever beam with varying tip mass is employed as flexible manipulator model. MFC layers are attached on both sides of it as sensors and actuators. A co-simulation platform was built using ADAMS and MATLAB to test the feasibility of the proposed algorithms. And an experimental platform was constructed to verify the effectiveness of MFC actuators and sensors and the real-time vibration control performance. Simulation and experiment results show that the proposed FXLMS algorithm based multiple model adaptive control approach has good convergence performance under varying load conditions for the flexible cantilever beam, and the proposed FX-VSSA-LMS algorithm based multiple model adaptive control algorithm has the best vibration suppression performance.
Key Words
    active vibration control; MFC actuators and sensors; adaptive control; multiple model switching
School of Mechatronic Engineering and Automation, Shanghai University, No. 333 Nanchen Road, Shanghai, P.R. China.

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