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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 24, Number 4, October 2019, pages 447-457

TMD effectiveness in nonlinear RC structures subjected to near fault earthquakes
Martin N. Domizio, Daniel Ambrosini and Oscar Curadelli

    The use of Tuned mass dampers (TMD) has proved to be effective in reducing the effects of vibrations caused by wind loads and far-field seismic action. However, its effectiveness in controlling the dynamic response of structures under near-fault earthquakes is still under discussion. In this case, the uncertainty about the TMD performance arises from the short significant duration of near-fault ground motions. In this work, the TMD effectiveness for increasing the safety margin against collapse of structures subjected to near-fault earthquakes is investigated. In order to evaluate the TMD performance in the proposed scenario, the nonlinear dynamic response of two reinforced concrete (RC) frames was analyzed. TMDs with different mass values were added to these structures, and a set of near-fault records with frequency content close to the fundamental frequency of the structure was employed. Through a series of nonlinear dynamic analysis, the minimum amplitude of each seismic record that causes the structural collapse was found. By comparing this value, called collapse acceleration, for the case of the structures with and without TMD, the benefit produced by the addition of the control device was established.
Key Words
     tuned mass damper; seismic action; near-fault earthquakes; reinforced concrete structures
Martin N. Domizio, Daniel Ambrosini and Oscar Curadelli: 1Faculty of Engineering, National University of Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
2CONICET, National Research Council, Argentina

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