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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 23, Number 5, May 2019 , pages 467-478

A system of multiple controllers for attenuating the dynamic response of multimode floor structures to human walking
Ronaldo C. Battista and Wendell D. Varela

    Composite floor structures formed by continuous slab panels may be susceptible to excessive vibrations, even when properly designed in terms of ultimate limit state criteria. This is due to the inherent vibration characteristics of continuous floor slabs composed by precast orthotropic reinforced concrete panels supported by steel beams. These floor structures display close spaced multimode vibration frequencies and this dynamic characteristic results in a non-trivial vibration problem. Structural stiffening and/or insertion of struts between floors are the usual tentative solution applied to existing vibrating floor structures. Such structural alterations are in general expensive and unsuitable. In this paper, this vibration problem is analyzed on the basis of results obtained from experimental measurements in typical composite floors and their theoretical counterpart obtained with computational modeling simulations. A passive control system composed by multiple synchronized dynamic attenuators (MSDA) was designed and installed in these floor structures and its efficiency was evaluated both experimentally and through numerical simulations. The results obtained from experimental tests of the continuous slab panels under human walking dynamic action proved the effectiveness of this control system in reducing vibrations amplitudes.
Key Words
    vibration control; human induced vibrations; floors; field measurements; passive devices
Ronaldo C. Battista: COPPE Engineering Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Controllato Engineering Ltd, Brazil
Wendell D. Varela: epartment of Structures, School of Architecture, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,
Cidade Universitária, CEP 21941-901, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil

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