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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 20, Number 5, November 2017 , pages 573-581

Coupled effects of electrical polarization-strain gradient on vibration behavior of double-layered flexoelectric nanoplates
Mohammad Reza Barati

    A vibrating double-layered nanoscale piezoelectric plate is developed accounting for the flexoelectricity and surface effects. The flexoelectricity is due to the coupling between electrical polarization and strain gradient. Applying Hamilton\'s principle, the governing equations and related boundary conditions are derived. Assuming suitable approximate functions, the governing equations are numerically solved for simply-supported and clamped boundary conditions. Obtained results indicate that both the flexoelectricity and surface effects possess notable impact on the vibration frequencies of the system. Only flexoelectricity yields a considerable difference between the present model and previous investigations on conventional piezoelectric nanoplates. Generally, a parametric study has been performed to examine the effects of surface elasticity, flexoelectricity, applied electric voltage, interlayer stiffness, geometrical parameters and boundary conditions on vibration frequencies of piezoelectric nanoplates.
Key Words
    vibration; flexoelectric nanoplate; surface effect; double-layered nanoplate
Mohammad Reza Barati: Aerospace Engineering Department & Center of Excellence in Computational Aerospace,
Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

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