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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 20, Number 5, November 2017 , pages 539-548

Causes of uncertainty in thermoelasticity measurements of structural elements
Roberto Marsili, Gianluca Rossi and Emanuela Speranzini

    Thermoelasticity is a contactless technique for measuring stress distributions in structural elements stressed by dynamic loads. This work describes the characteristics, analyzes the main causes of uncertainty and illustrates a series of operative methods for reducing its effects. More specifically, the effects of the angle of view between the thermographic camera and the surface of the object are studied, along with those due to the heat transmission by conduction between the various parts of the thing being measured as a function of the stress frequencies. The analyses, both theoretical and experimental, are aimed at defining the operational limits and optimal measurement and test conditions in relation to the measurement uncertainty that is considered tolerable in the specific application.
Key Words
    thermoelasticity; monitoring; uncertainty analysis; stress distribution measurement; thermography
Roberto Marsili. Gianluca Rossi and Emanuela Speranzini:Department of Engineering, via G. Duranti, 93 – 06125 Perugia, Italy

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