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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 19, Number 2, February 2017 , pages 137-149

Elimination of environmental temperature effect from the variation of stay cable force based on simple temperature measurements
Chien-Chou Chen, Wen-Hwa Wu, Chun-Yan Liu and Gwolong Lai

    Under the interference of the temperature effect, the alternation of cable force due to damages of a cable-stayed bridge could be difficult to distinguish. Considering the convenience and applicability in engineering practice, simple air or cable temperature measurements are adopted in the current study for the exclusion of temperature effect from the variation of cable force. Using the data collected from Ai-Lan Bridge located in central Taiwan, this work applies the ensemble empirical mode decomposition to process the time histories of cable force, air temperature, and cable temperature. It is evidently observed that the cable force and both types of temperature can all be categorized as the daily variation, long-term variation, and high-frequency noise in the order of decreasing weight. Moreover, the correlation analysis conducted for the decomposed variations of all these three quantities undoubtedly indicates that the daily and long-term variations with different time shifts have to be distinguished for accurately evaluating the temperature effect on the variation of cable force. Finally, consistent results in reducing the range of cable force variation after the elimination of temperature effect confirm the validity and stability of the developed method.
Key Words
    stay cable force; air temperature; cable temperature; ensemble empirical mode decomposition; daily variation; long-term variation
Chien-Chou Chen, Wen-Hwa Wu and Gwolong Lai: Department of Construction Engineering, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology,123 University Road, Touliu, Yunlin 640, Taiwan
Chun-Yan Liu: Graduate School of Engineering Science and Technology, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, 123 University Road, Touliu, Yunlin 640, Taiwan


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