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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 16, Number 5, November 2015 , pages 807-833

Semi-active control of seismic response of a building using MR fluid-based tuned mass damper
Kambiz Esteki, Ashutosh Bagchi and Ramin Sedaghati

    While tuned mass dampers are found to be effective in suppressing vibration in a tall building, integrating it with a semi-active control system enables it to perform more efficiently. In this paper a forty-story tall steel-frame building designed according to the Canadian standard, has been studied with and without semi-active and passive tuned mass dampers. The building is assumed to be located in the Vancouver, Canada. A magneto-rheological fluid based semi-active tuned mass damper has been optimally designed to suppress the vibration of the structure against seismic excitation, and an appropriate control procedure has been implemented to optimize the building\'s semi-active tuned mass system to reduce the seismic response. Furthermore, the control system parameters have been adjusted to yield the maximum reduction in the structural displacements at different floor levels. The response of the structure has been studied with a variety of ground motions with low, medium and high frequency contents to investigate the performance of the semi-active tuned mass damper in comparison to that of a passive tuned mass damper. It has been shown that the semi-active control system modifies structural response more effectively than the classic passive tuned mass damper in both mitigation of maximum displacement and reduction of the settling time of the building.
Key Words
    MR damper; tuned mass damper; semi-active tuned mass damper; active tuned mass damper; LQR control system
Kambiz Esteki and Ashutosh Bagchi: Department of Building, Civil, and Environment Engineering, Concordia University,
Montreal, Canada, H3G 1M8
Ramin Sedaghati: Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Concordia University,Montreal, Canada, H3G 1M8


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