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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 11, Number 5, May 2013 , pages 497-510

A scheme on multi-tier heterogeneous networks for citywide damage monitoring in an earthquake
Takahiro Fujiwara, Takashi Watanabe and Masanobu Shinozuka

    Quick, accurate damage monitoring is strongly required for damage assessment in the aftermath of a large natural disaster. Wireless sensor networks are promising technologies to acquire damage information in a citywide area. The wireless sensor networks, however, would be faced with difficulty to collect data in real-time and to expand the scalability of the networks. This paper discusses a scheme of network architecture to cove a whole city in multi-tier heterogeneous networks, which consist of wireless sensor networks, access networks and a backbone network. We first review previous studies for citywide damage monitoring, and then discuss the feature of multi-tier heterogeneous networks to cover a citywide area.
Key Words
    multi-tier networks; heterogeneous network; sensor networks; disaster damage monitoring
Takahiro Fujiwara : 1Depertment of Computer Engineering, Hakodate National College of Technology, Hakodate, Japan
Takashi Watanabe : Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shizuoka University, Hamamatsu, Japan
Masanobu Shinozuka: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California Irvine, Irvine, U.S.A

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