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Smart Structures and Systems
  Volume 10, Number 2, August 2012 , pages 89-110

Probabilistic optimal safety valuation based on stochastic finite element analysis of steel cable-stayed bridges
Sung-Ho Han and Myung-Seok Bang

    This study was intended to efficiently perform the probabilistic optimal safety assessment of steel cable-stayed bridges (SCS bridges) using stochastic finite element analysis (SFEA) and expected life-cycle cost (LCC) concept. To that end, advanced probabilistic finite element algorithm (APFEA) which enables to execute the static and dynamic SFEA considering aleatory uncertainties contained in random variable was developed. APFEA is the useful analytical means enabling to conduct the reliability assessment (RA) in a systematic way by considering the result of SFEA based on linearity and nonlinearity of before or after introducing initial tensile force. The appropriateness of APFEA was verified in such a way of comparing the result of SFEA and that of Monte Carlo Simulation (MCS). The probabilistic method was set taking into account of analytical parameters. The dynamic response characteristic by probabilistic method was evaluated using ASFEA, and RA was carried out using analysis results, thereby quantitatively calculating the probabilistic safety. The optimal design was determined based on the expected LCC according to the results of SFEA and RA of alternative designs. Moreover, given the potential epistemic uncertainty contained in safety index, failure probability and minimum LCC, the sensitivity analysis was conducted and as a result, a critical distribution phase was illustrated using a cumulative-percentile.
Key Words
    steel cable-stayed bridges; advanced probabilistic finite element algorithm; stochastic finite element analysis; reliability assessment; probabilistic safety; optimal design
Sung-Ho Han :Korean Intellectual Property Office, Daejeon, Korea
Myung-Seok Bang : Department of Safety Engineering, Korea National University of Transportation, Chungbuk, Korea

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