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Structural Monitoring and Maintenance
  Volume 9, Number 4, December 2022 , pages 359-371

Full-scale bridge expansion joint monitoring using a real-time wireless network
Pierredens Fils, Shinae Jang, Daisy Ren, Jiachen Wang, Song Han and Ramesh Malla

    Bridges are critical to the civil engineering infrastructure network as they facilitate movement of people, the transportation of goods and services. Given the aging of bridge infrastructure, federal officials mandate visual inspections biennially to identify necessary repair actions which are time, cost, and labor-intensive. Additionally, the expansion joints of bridges are rarely monitored due to cost. However, expansion joints are critical as they absorb movement from thermal effects, loadings strains, impact, abutment settlement, and vehicle motion movement. Thus, the need to monitor bridge expansion joints efficiently, at a low cost, and wirelessly is desired. This paper addresses bridge joint monitoring needs to develop a cost-effective, real-time wireless system that can be validated in a full-scale bridge structure. To this end, a wireless expansion joint monitoring was developed using commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sensors. An in-service bridge was selected as a testbed to validate the performance of the developed system compared with traditional displacement sensor, LVDT, temperature and humidity sensors. The short-term monitoring campaign with the wireless sensor system with the internet protocol version 6 over the time slotted channel hopping mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6TiSCH) network showed reliable results, providing high potential of the developed system for effective joint monitoring at a low cost.
Key Words
    bridge monitoring; expansion joints; wireless sensor networks
Pierredens Fils, Shinae Jan, Daisy Ren and Ramesh Malla: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, 261 Glenbrook Road Unit, 3037 Storrs, CT 06269-3037, United States of America
Jiachen Wang and Song Han: Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Connecticut, 371 Fairfield Way Unit, 4155 Storrs, CT 06269-3037, United States of America

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