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Structural Monitoring and Maintenance   Volume 2, Number 1, March 2015, pages 65-75
Impact effect analysis for hangers of half-through arch bridge by vehicle-bridge coupling
Yuan Shao, Zong-guang Sun, Yi-fei Chen and Huan-Lan Li

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Among the destruction instances of half-through arch bridges, the shorter hangers are more likely to be ruined. For a thorough investigation of the hanger system durability, we have studied vehicle impact effect on hangers with vehicle-bridge coupling method for a half-through concrete-filled-steel-tube arch bridge. A numerical method has been applied to simulate the variation of dynamic internal force (stress) in hangers under different vehicle speeds and road surface roughness. The characteristics and differences in impact effect among hangers with different length (position) are compared. The impact effect is further analyzed comprehensively based on the vehicle speed distribution model. Our results show that the dynamic internal force induced by moving vehicles inside the shorter hangers is significantly greater than that inside the longer ones. The largest difference of dynamic internal force among the hangers could be as high as 28%. Our results well explained a common phenomenon in several hanger damage accidents occurred in China. This work forms a basis for hanger system\'s fatigue analysis and service life evaluation. It also provides a reference to the design, management, maintenance, monitoring, and evaluation for this kind of bridge.
Key Words
    half-through arch bridge; hanger; bridge surface roughness; vehicle-bridge coupling; impact effect
Yuan Shao, Zong-guang Sun, Yi-fei Chen and Huan-Lan Li: Road and Bridge Engineering Institute, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian 116026, China

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