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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 9, Number 4, April 2000, pages 323-338
Nonlinear analysis and tests of steel-fiber concrete beams in torsion
Karayannis CG

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    An analytical approach for the prediction of the behaviour of steel-fiber reinforced concrete beams subjected to torsion is described. The analysis method employs a special stress-strain model with a non-linear post cracking branch for the material behaviour in tension. Predictions of this model for the behaviour of steel-fiber concrete in direct tension are also presented and compared with results from tests conducted for this reason. Further in this work, the validation of the proposed torsional analysis by providing comparisons between experimental curves and analytical predictions, is attempted. For this purpose a series of 10 steel-fiber concrete beams with various cross-sections and steel-fiber volume fractions tested in pure torsion, are reported here. Furthermore, experimental information compiled from works around the world are also used in an attempt to establish the validity of the described approach based on test results of a broad range of studies. From these comparisons it is demonstrated that the proposed analysis describes well the behaviour of steel-fiber concrete in pure torsion even in the case of elements with non-rectangular cross-sections.
Key Words
    steel-fiber concrete, torsion, nonlinear analysis, tensional model, torsional tests, L and T-beams
Karayannis CG, Democritus Univ Thrace, Dept Civil Engn, GR-67100 Xanthi, Greece
Democritus Univ Thrace, Dept Civil Engn, GR-67100 Xanthi, Greece

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