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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 84, Number 6, December25 2022 , pages 831-849

Probabilistic evaluation of chloride ingress process in concrete structures considering environmental characteristics
Taisen Zhao, Yi Zhang, Kefei Li and Junjie Wang

    One of the most prevalent causes of reinforced concrete (RC) structural deterioration is chloride-induced corrosion. This paper aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the environmental effect of RC's chloride ingress process. The first step is to investigate how relative humidity, temperature, and wind influence chloride ingress into concrete. The probability of initiation time of chloride-induced corrosion is predicted using a probabilistic model that considers these aspects. Parametric analysis is conducted on several factors impacting the corrosion process, including the depth of concrete cover, surface chloride concentration, relative humidity, and temperature to expose environmental features. According to the findings, environmental factors such as surface chloride concentration, relative humidity and temperature substantially impact on the time to corrosion initiation. The long- and short-distance impacts are also examined. The meteorological data from the National Meteorological Center of China are collected and used to analyze the environmental characteristics of the chloride ingress issue for structures along China's coastline. Finally, various recommendations are made for improving durability design against chloride attacks.
Key Words
    chloride; corrosion; diffusion; durability; environmental characteristic; probabilistic analysis; reinforced concrete structures
Taisen Zhao, Yi Zhang, Kefei Li and Junjie Wang: Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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