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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 83, Number 5, September10 2022 , pages 609-615

Investigating dynamic stability behavior of sandwich plates with porous core based on a numerical approach
Zhihui Zhu and Meifang Zhu

    A numerical approach for dynamic stability analysis of sandwich plates has been provided using Chebyshev-Ritz- Bolotin approach. The sandwich plate with porous core has been formulated according to a higher-order plate. All of material properties are assumed to be dependent of porosity factor which determines the amount or volume of pores. The sandwich plate has also been assumed to be under periodic in-plane loading of compressive type. It will be shown that stability boundaries of the sandwich plate are dependent on static and dynamical load factors, porosity factor, porosity variation and core thickness.
Key Words
    dynamic stability; numerical method; plate theory; porosities; sandwich plate
Zhihui Zhu: Guangzhou Maritime University, Guangzhou 510725, Guangdong, China
Meifang Zhu: Guangdong Lingnan Institute of Technology, Guangzhou 511510, Guangdong, China

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