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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 81, Number 6, March25 2022 , pages 677-689

Optimal seismic retrofit design method for asymmetric soft first-story structures
Assefa Jonathan Dereje and Jinkoo Kim

    Generally, the goal of seismic retrofit design of an existing structure using energy dissipation devices is to determine the optimum design parameters of a retrofit device to satisfy a specified limit state with minimum cost. However, the presence of multiple parameters to be optimized and the computational complexity of performing non-linear analysis make it difficult to find the optimal design parameters in the realistic 3D structure. In this study, genetic algorithm-based optimal seismic retrofit methods for determining the required number, yield strength, and location of steel slit dampers are proposed to retrofit an asymmetric soft first-story structure. These methods use a multi-objective and single-objective evolutionary algorithms, each of which varies in computational complexity and incorporates nonlinear time-history analysis to determine seismic performance. Pareto-optimal solutions of the multi-objective optimization are found using a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGAII). It is demonstrated that the developed multi-objective optimization methods can determine the optimum number, yield strength, and location of dampers that satisfy the given limit state of a three-dimensional asymmetric soft first-story structure. It is also shown that the single-objective distribution method based on minimizing plan-wise stiffness eccentricity turns out to produce similar number of dampers in optimum locations without time consuming nonlinear dynamic analysis.
Key Words
    genetic algorithm optimization; multi objective optimization; seismic retrofit; slit dampers; soft first-story
Assefa Jonathan Dereje and Jinkoo Kim: Department of Global Smart City, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Republic of Korea

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