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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 80, Number 2, October25 2021 , pages 129-142

Cyclic behavior of an energy dissipation semi-rigid moment steel frames (SMRF) system with LYP steel curved dampers
Ali Mohammad Rousta, Hamid Shojaeifar, Mojtaba Gorji Azandariani, Sajad Saberiun and Hamid Abdolmaleki

    The use of displacement-dependent steel curved dampers as fuse or interchangeable element in the beam-to-column connection region is one of the newest methods for improving the seismic performance of semi-rigid moment steel frames (SRMF). In the present study, performance of low-yield strength curved dampers in MRSF has been investigated. These dampers are inactive and install in the beam-to-column connection region. Variable parameters of this study involve the damper width (75, 100 and 125 mm), damper thickness (10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm) and the damper steel type (SN400YB and LY160). Evaluation of MRSF models were performed using finite element method by ABAQUS. For validation, a MRSF with curve dampers was modeled that had been experimentally tested and reported in previous experimental research and a good agreement was observed. The results show that the use of low-yield strength steel in curved steel dampers, depending on the damper thickness, can lead to an increase in the hysteresis equivalent damping ratio, ductility parameter and total energy dissipated compared to the steel with higher yield stress.
Key Words
    beam-to-column connection; low-yield strength plates; moment resisting steel frames; steel curved dampers
Ali Mohammad Rousta: Department of Civil Engineering, Yasouj University, Yasouj, Iran
Hamid Shojaeifar: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Maragheh, Maragheh Branch, Technical and Vocational University (TUV), Tehran, Iran
Mojtaba Gorji Azandariani: Structural Engineering Division, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Semnan University, Semnan, Iran
Sajad Saberiun: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Hamedan, Hamedan Branch, Technical and Vocational University (TUV), Tehran, Iran
Hamid Abdolmaleki: Department of Civil Engineering, Tuyserkan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tuyserkan, Iran

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