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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 8, Number 2, August 1999 , pages 193-205

Effects of elastic foundation on the dynamic stability of cylindrical shells
Ng TY, Lam KY

    A formulation for the dynamic stability analysis of cylindrical shells resting on elastic foundations is presented. In this previously not studied problem, a normal-mode expansion of the partial differential equations of motion, which includes the effects of the foundation as well as a harmonic axial loading, yields a system of Mathieu-Hill equations the stability of which is analyzed using Bolotin\'s method. The present study examines the effects of the elastic foundation on the instability regions of the cylindrical shell for the transverse, longitudinal and circumferential modes.
Key Words
    dynamic stability, elastic foundation, cylindrical shell
Ng TY, Natl Univ Singapore, Inst High Performance Comp, 89B Sci Pk Dr,01-05-08, Singapore 118261, Singapore
Natl Univ Singapore, Inst High Performance Comp, Singapore 118261, Singapore

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