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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 79, Number 6, September25 2021 , pages 665-675

Wave propagation analysis of porous functionally graded curved beams in the thermal environment
Xinli Xu, Chunwei Zhang, Farayi Musharavati, Tamer A. Sebaey and Afrasyab Khan

    In the present paper, wave propagation behavior of porous temperature-dependent functionally graded curved beams within the thermal environment is analyzed for the first time. A recently-developed method is utilized which considers the reciprocal effect of mass density and Young's modulus in order to explore the influence of porosity. Three different types of temperature variation (uniform temperature change (UTC), linear temperature change (LTC), sinusoidal temperature change (STC)) are employed to study the effect of various thermal loads. Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, also known as classic beam theory is implemented in order to derive kinetic and kinematic relations, and then Hamilton's principle is used to obtain governing equations of porous functionally graded curved beams. The obtained governing equations are analytically solved. Eventually, the influences of various parameters such as wave number, porosity coefficient, various types of temperature change and power index are covered and indicated in a set of illustrations.
Key Words
    Euler-Bernoulli beam theory; porosity-dependent method; thermal environment; wave propagation analysis
Xinli Xu: Structural Vibration Control Group, Qingdao University of Technology, Qingdao 266033, China
Chunwei Zhang: Structural Vibration Control Group, Qingdao University of Technology, Qingdao 266033, China; School of Civil Engineering, Qingdao University of Technology, No.11 Fushun Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City, 266033, China
Farayi Musharavati: Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Qatar University, P.O. Box 2713, Doha, Qatar
Tamer A. Sebaey: Engineering Management Department, College of Engineering, Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Mechanical Design and Production Department, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, P.O. Box 44519, Zagazig, Sharkia, Egypt
Afrasyab Khan: Institute of Engineering and Technology, Department of Hydraulics and Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, South Ural State University, Lenin Prospect 76, Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russian Federation

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