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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 79, Number 5, September10 2021 , pages 641-652

A numerical study of a self-centring SMA damper
Hongwei Ma and Yuhong Ling

    Many SMA-based dampers were presented and they can show both energy dissipating capability and self-centring property. This paper aims to a self-centring damper composed by two groups of pre-tensioned SMA wires and two precompressed springs. The three-dimensional solid finite element models of the damper are constructed at ANSYS Workbench environment, and the Auricchio's model is used to simulate the superelastic behaviour of the SMA wires. To simulate the damper assembly process, the models of two springs are compressed and certain pre-tensions are imposed to the SMA wires. The initial stresses for the core components are figured out and imposed to the un-deformed damper. Then, the cyclic loads are imposed to the damper models and the mechanical behaviour of the damper is simulated. The numerical simulation results are compared with the theoretical analysis results based on the Brinson model of the SMA material. For a 1 m long damper with a 5 mm stroke in the case study, both the numerical and theoretical results show that a 35 kN reaction force is offered by the damper. The force-displacement curves of the damper model are flag-shaped, indicating the moderated energy dissipating capacity and full self-centring capability of the damper.
Key Words
    damper; energy dissipating; finite element analysis; shape memory alloys; superelastic effect
Hongwei Ma and Yuhong Ling: State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Architecture Science, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, 510640, China

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