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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 79, Number 2, July25 2021, pages 157-168

Free vibration analysis of functionally graded plates containing embedded curved cracks
Vahid Khalafi and Jamshid Fazilati

    In the present paper, the free vibration behavior of functionally graded plates containing straight and curved embedded crack is investigated. A NURBS-based multi-patch isogeometric analysis formulation is utilized based on the firstorder shear deformation plate theory. The Nitsche technique is implemented to meet the inter-patch connection constraints. The crack line is assumed as a narrow cut along a straight or free-shape curve path within the plate. The crack growth phenomena are overlooked. The accuracy and quality of the obtained results are compared to those available in the literature. Subsequently, the effect of various material and geometry parameters on the free vibration characteristics of cracked FG plate including the volume-fraction index, crack shape, crack length, crack orientation and, crack location are examined. It learned that the straight crack inclination angle mainly influences the fifth and fourth natural modes. Moreover, the FGM mixture index doesn't noticeably affect the frequency trends. No considerable impact is noted between the edge constraint setups on the fundamental frequency.
Key Words
    curved crack; embedded narrow crack; FGM plate; free vibration; multi-patch isogeometric analysis
Vahid Khalafi: Aerospace Engineering Department, Shahid Sattari Aeronautical University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran
Jamshid Fazilati: Department of Aeronautical Science and Technology, Aerospace Research Institute, P.O. Box: 14665-834, Tehran, Iran

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