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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 78, Number 1, April10 2021 , pages 15-22

Post-buckling analysis of imperfect nonlocal piezoelectric beams under magnetic field and thermal loading
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed and Nadhim M. Faleh

    An investigation of the nonlinear thermal buckling behavior of a nano-sized beam constructed from intelligent materials called piezo-magnetic materials has been presented in this article. The nano-sized beam geometry has been considered based on two assumptions: an ideal straight beam and an imperfect beam. For incorporating nano-size impacts, the nano-sized beam formulation has been presented according to nonlocal elasticity. After establishing the governing equations based on classic beam theory and nonlocal elasticity, the nonlinear buckling path has been obtained via Galerkin's method together with an analytical trend. The dependency of buckling path to piezo-magnetic material composition, electro-magnetic fields and geometry imperfectness has been studied in detail.
Key Words
    piezo-magnetic beam; geometry imperfection; thermal post-buckling; piezoelectric reinforcement; nonlocal elasticity
Raad M. Fenjan, Ridha A. Ahmed and Nadhim M. Faleh: Al-Mustansiriah University, Engineering Collage P.O. Box 46049, Bab-Muadum, Baghdad 10001, Iraq

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