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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 76, Number 2, October25 2020, pages 163-173

Vibration reduction for interaction response of a maglev vehicle running on guideway girders
Y.J. Wang,J.D. Yau, J. Shi and S. Urushadze

    As a vehicle moves on multiple equal-span beams at constant speed, the running vehicle would be subjected to repetitive excitations from the beam vibrations under it. Once the exciting frequency caused by the vibrating beams coincides with any of the vehicle's frequencies, resonance would take place on the vehicle. A similar resonance phenomenon occurs on a beam subject to sequential moving loads with identical axle-intervals. To reduce both resonant phenomena of a vehicle moving on guideway girders, this study proposed an additional feedback controller based the condensed virtual dynamic absorber (C-VDA) scheme. This condensation scheme has the following advantages: (1) the feedback tuning gains required to adapt the control currents or voltages are directly obtained from the tuning forces of the VDA; (2) the condensed VDA scheme does not need additional DoFs of the absorber to control the vibration of the maglev-vehicle/guideway system. By decomposing the maglev vehicle-guideway coupling system into two sub-systems (the moving vehicle and the supporting girders), an incremental-iterative procedure associated with the Newmark method is presented to solve the two sets of sub-system equations. From the present studies, the proposed C-VDA scheme is a feasible approach to suppress the interaction response for a maglev vehicle in resonance moving on a series of guideway girders.
Key Words
    condensed VDA scheme, iterative method, maglev system, resonance, vibration reduction
Y.J. Wang/Beijing Jiaotong University
J.D. Yau/Tamkang University
J. Shi/Beijing Jiaotong University
S. Urushadze/Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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