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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 75, Number 6, September25 2020 , pages 675-684

Cyclic tests on RC joints retrofitted with pre-stressed steel strips and bonded steel plates
Yunlong Yu, Yong Yang, Yicong Xue Niannian Wang and Yaping Liu

    An innovative retrofit method using pre-stressed steel strips and externally-bonded steel plates was presented in this paper. With the aim of exploring the seismic performance of the retrofitted RC interior joints, four 1/2-scale retrofitted joint specimens together with one control specimen were designed and subjected to constant axial compression and cyclic loading, with the main test parameters being the volume of steel strips and the existence of externally-bonded steel plates. The damage mechanism, force-displacement hysteretic response, force-displacement envelop curve, energy dissipation and displacement ductility ratio were analyzed to investigate the cyclic behavior of the retrofitted joints. The test results indicated that all the test specimens suffered a typical shear failure at the joint core, and the application of externally-bonded steel plates and that of pre-stressed steel strips could effectively increase the lateral capacity and deformability of the deficient RC interior joints, respectively. The best cyclic behavior could be found in the deficient RC interior joint retrofitted using both externally-bonded steel plates and pre-stressed steel strips due to the increased lateral capacity, displacement ductility and energy dissipation. Finally, based on the test results and the softened strut and tie model, a theoretical model for determining the shear capacity of the retrofitted specimens was proposed and validated.
Key Words
    beam-column joints; pre-stressed steel strip; externally-bonded steel plate; retrofitting; pseudostatic test; shear capacity
Yunlong Yu, Yong Yang: 1School of Civil Engineering, Xian University of Architecture & Technology, Shaanxi, China
2Key Lab of Structural Engineering and Earthquake Resistance, Ministry of Education, China
Yicong Xue:School of Civil Engineering, Xian University of Architecture & Technology, Shaanxi, China
Niannian Wang: Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD, SADI, Sichuan, China
Yaping Liu:China Qiyuan Engineering Corporation, Shaanxi, China

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