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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 74, Number 6, June25 2020, pages 747-756

Flexural behavior of titanium bar reinforced granite with various reinforcement ratio
Woo-Young Lim

    Granite is commonly used in the construction of the ancient stone pagodas of Korea. The material has excellent weathering resistance and durability, as well as high compressive strength. Most of the stone-made state-designated architectural heritage of Korea is made of granite. Therefore, the understanding of the structural feasibility of stone-made architectural heritage is crucial. Even though, until now, experimental studies for the reinforced stone have been rarely performed. This study intends to suggest a new methodology for the reinforcement of granite using a threaded titanium bar. Through the experimental study, the flexural behavior of the reinforced granite depending on the reinforcement ratio is investigated. Based on the test results, a moment–displacement relationship for the design of reinforced granite is suggested.
Key Words
    restoration; ancient stone pagoda; granite; titanium bar; flexural behavior; reinforcement ratio;
Department of Architectural Engineering, Wonkwang University, 460 Iksandae-ro, Iksan 54538, South Korea

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