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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 74, Number 5, June10 2020, pages 711-722

Experimental study on vibration serviceability of steel-concrete composite floor
Liang Cao, Jiepeng Liu and Y. Frank Chen

    In this study, on-site testing was carried out to investigate the vibration serviceability of a composite steel-bar truss slab with steel girder system. Impulse excitations (heel-drop and jumping) and steady-state motion (walking and running) were performed to capture the primary vibration parameters (natural frequency and damping ratio) and distribution of peak acceleration. The composite floor possesses low frequency (<8.3Hz) and damping ratio (<2.47%). Based on experimental, theoretical, and numerical analyses on fundamental natural frequency, the boundary condition of SCSS (i.e., three edges simply supported and one edge clamped) is deemed more comparable substitutive for the investigated composite floor. Walking and running excitations by one person (single excitation) were considered to evaluate the vibration serviceability of the composite floor. The measured acceleration results show a satisfactory vibration perceptibility. For design convenience and safety, a crest factor βrp describing the ratio of peak acceleration to root-mean-square acceleration induced from the walking and running excitations is proposed. The comparisons of the modal parameters determined by walking and running tests reveal the interaction effect between the human excitation and the composite floor.
Key Words
    steel-bar truss slab; composite floor; human-structure interaction; vibration serviceability; crest factor
1School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China
2Key Laboratory of New Technology for Construction of Cities in Mountain Area (Chongqing University), Ministry of Education,
Chongqing 400045, China
(Received August 22, 2019, Revised December 25, 2019, Accepted

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