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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 73, Number 3, February10 2020 , pages 303-317

Seismic response evaluation of concentrically rocking zipper braced frames
Nasim Irani Sarand and Abdolrahim Jalali

    In this study an innovative rocking zipper braced frame (RZBF) is proposed to overcome the deficiencies of common concentrically braced frames. RZBF is an improved rocking concentrically braced frame which is based on combination of rocking behavior and zipper columns. The base rocking joints and post-tensioned bars provide rocking response and restoring force, respectively. Also, zipper columns distribute the unbalance force over the frame height and reduce the damage concentration. To evaluate seismic performance of RZBF, a comparison study is carried out considering concentrically braced frame, zipper braced frame, rocking concentrically braced frame and RZBF. Thereby, a suite of non-linear time history analyses had been performed on four different types of archetypes with four, six, eight, ten and twelve stories. Frames were designed and non-linear time history analyses were conducted in OpenSees. To compare the seismic behavior of the archetypes, roof drifts, residual roof drifts, story drifts, the forces of first and top story braces, PT bars forces, column uplift and base shears were taken in to consideration. Results illustrate that using RZBF, can reduce the damage due to reduced residual drifts. Zipper columns enhance the seismic performance of rocking systems. As the number of stories increase in the RZBF systems, larger top story braces were needed. So the RZBF system is applicable on low and midrise buildings.
Key Words
    seismic performance; rocking system; zipper column; self-centering; nonlinear time history analysis
Nasim Irani Sarand: Structural Engineering Department, School of Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran
Abdolrahim Jalali: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kyrenia, Girne, Mersin 10, Turkey

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