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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 72, Number 2, October25 2019, pages 245-256

Reliable experimental data as a key factor for design of mechanical structures
Josip Brnic, Sanjin Krscanski, Marino Brcic, Lin Geng,Jitai Niu, Biao Ding

    The experimentally determined mechanical behavior of the material under the prescribed service conditions is the basis of advanced engineering optimum design. To allow experimental data on the behavior of the material considered, uniaxial stress tests were made. The aforementioned tests have enabled the determination of mechanical properties of material at different temperatures, then, the material\'s resistance to creep at various temperatures and stress levels, and finally, insight into the uniaxial high cyclic fatigue of the material under different applied stresses for prescribed stress ratio. Based on fatigue tests, using modified staircase method, fatigue limit was determined. All these data contributes the reliability of the use of material in mechanical structures. Data representing mechanical properties are shown in the form of engineering stress-strain diagrams; creep behavior is displayed in the form of creep curves while fatigue of the material is presented in the form of S-N (maximum applied stress versus number of the cycles to failure) curve. Material under consideration was 18CrNi8 (1.5920) steel. Ultimate tensile strength and yield strength at room temperature and at temperature of 600 degree celcius: [sigma m,20/600=(613/156)MPa; sigma0.2,20/600=(458/141)MPa], as well as endurance (fatigue) limit at room temperature and stress ratio of R=-1: (sigmaf,20,R=−1 = 285.1MPa).
Key Words
    Steel 18CrNi8, mechanical properties, creep behavior and creep modeling, fatigue and fatigue limit
Josip Brnic/University of Rijeka
Sanjin Krscanski/University of Rijeka
Marino Brcic/University of Rijeka
Lin Geng/Harbin Institute of Technology
Jitai Niu/Harbin Institute of Technology
Biao Ding/Shanghai University

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