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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 71, Number 4, August25 2019, pages 377-390

Estimation of floor response spectra induced by artificial and real earthquake ground motions
Wuchuan Pu and Xi Xu

    A method for estimating the floor response spectra (FRS) of elastic structures under earthquake excitations is proposed. The method is established based on a previously proposed direct estimation method for single degree of freedom systems, which generally overestimates the FRS of a structure, particularly in the resonance period range. A modification factor is introduced to modify the original method; the modification factor is expressed as a function of the period ratio and is determined through regression analysis on time history analysis results. Both real and artificial ground motions are considered in the analysis, and it is found that the modification factors obtained from the real and artificial ground motions are significantly different. This suggests that the effect of ground motion should be considered in the estimation of FRS. The modified FRS estimation method is further applied to a 10-story building structure, and it is verified that the proposed method can lead to a good estimation of FRS of multi-story buildings.
Key Words
    floor response spectra; modal superposition; nonstructural component; artificial ground motion; higher mode
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology,
Luoshi Road 122, Wuhan, 430070 China

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