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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 71, Number 3, August10 2019, pages 291-303

Spectral element method in the analysis of vibrations of overhead transmission line in damping environment
Maciej Dutkiewicz and Marcela Machado

    In the paper the analysis of natural vibrations of the transmission line with use of spectral elements and the laboratory experiments is performed. The purpose of the investigation is to analyze the natural vibrations of the transmission line and compare with the results obtained in the numerical simulations. Particular attention is paid to the hysteretic and aerodynamic damping analysis. Sensitivity of the wave number is performed for changing of the tension force, as well as for the different damping parameters. The numerical model is made using the Spectral Element Method. In the spectral model, for various parameters of stiffness, damping and tension force, the system response is checked and compared with the results of the accelerations obtained in the measurements. A frequency response functions (FRF) are calculated. The credibility of the model is assessed through a validation process carried out by comparing graphical plots of FRF and time history analysis and numerical values expressing differences in acceleration amplitude (MSG), phase angle differences (PSG) and differences in acceleration and phase angle total (CSG) values. The next aspect constituting the purpose of this paper is to present the wide possibilities of modelling and simulation of slender conductors using the Spectral Element Method. The obtained results show good accuracy in the range of both experimental measurements as well as simulation analysis. The paper emphasizes the ease with which the sensitivity of the conductor and its response to changes in density of spectral mesh division, tensile strength or material damping can be studied.
Key Words
    spectral element method; hysteretic and aerodynamic damping; power transmission lines; validation metrix
Maciej Dutkiewicz: Faculty of Civil, Environmental Engineering and Architecture, University of Science and Technology, 85-796 Bydgoszcz, Poland
Marcela Machado: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Brasilia, 70910-900, Brasilia, Brazil

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