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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 71, Number 3, August10 2019, pages 211-221

Research on eccentric compression of ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete columns
Kaize Ma, Yudong Ma and Boquan Liu

    To study the eccentric compression behavior of ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) columns, six UHPFRC columns and one high-strength concrete (HSC) column were tested. Variation parameters include load eccentricity, volume of steel fibers and stirrup ratio. The crack pattern, failure mode, bearing capacity, and deformation of the specimens were studied. The results showed that the UHPFRC columns had different failure modes. The large eccentric compression failure mode was the longitudinal tensile reinforcements yielded and many horizontal cracks appeared in the tension zone. The small eccentric compression failure mode was the longitudinal compressive reinforcements yielded and vertical cracks appeared in the compressive zone. Because of the bridging effect of steel fibers, the number of cracks significantly increased, and the width of cracks decreased. The load-deflection curves of the UHPFRC columns showed gradually descending without sudden dropping, indicating that the specimens had better deformation. The finite element (FE) analysis was performed to stimulate the damage process of the specimens with monotonic loading. The concrete damaged plasticity (CDP) model was adopted to characterize the behaviour of UHPFRC. The contribution of the UHPFRC tensile strength was considered in the bearing capacity, and the theoretical calculation formulas were derived. The theoretical calculation results were consistent with the test results. This research can provide the experimental and theoretical basis for UHPFRC columns in engineering applications.
Key Words
    ultra-high performance fiber reinforced concrete; eccentric compression column; failure mode; bearing capacity; deformation; finite element (FE) analysis
Department of Civil Engineering, Chang\'an University, 201 Yanta Road, Xi\'an, China

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