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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 70, Number 2, April25 2019 , pages 179-197

Geometry and load effects on transient response of a VFGM annular plate: An analytical approach
Seyed Hashem Alavi and Hamidreza Eipakchi

    In this article, the effect of different geometrical, materials and load parameters on the transient response of axisymmetric viscoelastic functionally graded annular plates with different boundary conditions are studied. The behavior of the plate is assumed the elastic in bulk and viscoelastic in shear with the standard linear solid model. Also, the graded properties vary through the thickness according to a power law function. Three types of mostly applied transient loading, i.e., step, impulse, and harmonic with different load distribution respect to radius coordinate are examined. The motion equations and the corresponding boundary conditions are extracted by applying the first order shear deformation theory which are three coupled partial differential equations with variable coefficients. The resulting motion equations are solved analytically using the perturbation technique and the generalized Fourier series. The sensitivity of the response to the graded indexes, different transverse loads, aspect ratios, boundary conditions and the material properties are investigated too. The results are compared with the finite element analysis.
Key Words
    annular plate; viscoelastic functionally graded materials; analytical solution; shear deformation theory; dynamic response
Seyed Hashem Alavi and Hamidreza Eipakchi: Faculty of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, P.O.Box 316, Shahrood, I.R. Iran

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