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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 69, Number 4, February25 2019 , pages 399-405

Assessment of reliability-based FRP reinforcement ratio for concrete structures with recycled coarse aggregate
Minkwan Ju, Kyoungsoo Park, Kihong Lee, Ki Yong Ahn and Jongsung Sim

    The present study investigated the reliability-based reinforcement ratio of FRP reinforced concrete structure applying recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) concrete. The statistical characteristics of FRP bars and RCA concrete were investigated from the previous literatures and the mean value and standard deviation were obtained. The statistical data can be regarded as the material uncertainty for configuring the probability distribution model. The target bridge structure is the railway bridge with double T-beam section. The replacement ratios of RCA were 0%, 30%, 50%, and 100%. From the probability distribution analysis, the reliability-based reinforcement ratios of FRP bars were suggested with four cases according to the replacement ratio of RCA. The reinforcement ratio of FRP bars at RCA 100% showed about 17.3% higher than the RCA 0%, where the compressive strength at RCA 100% decreased up to 27.5% than RCA 0%. It was found that the decreased effect of the compressive strength of RAC could be compensated with increase of the reinforcement ratio of FRP bars. This relationship obtained by the reliability analysis can be utilized as the useful information in structural design for FRP bar reinforced concrete structures applying RAC.
Key Words
    reliability-based reinforcement ratio; sustainable construction materials; FRP bars; recycled coarse aggregate (RCA); replacement ratio of RCA; design information
Minkwan Ju and Kyoungsoo Park: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea
Kihong Lee, Ki Yong Ahn and Jongsung Sim: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hanyang University, Republic of Korea

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