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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 68, Number 5, December10 2018, pages 591-601
Effect of connection modeling on the seismic response of steel braced non-moment resisting frames
Saman Bagheri and Navid Vafi Tabrizi

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    Non-moment beam-to-column connections, which are usually referred to as simple or shear connections, are typically designed to carry only gravity loads in the form of vertical shears. Although in the analysis of structures these connections are usually assumed to be pinned, they may provide a small amount of rotational stiffness due to the typical connection details. This paper investigates the effects of this small rotational restraint of simple beam-to-column connections on the behavior and seismic response of steel braced non-moment resisting frames. Two types of commonly used simple connections with bolted angles, i.e., the Double Web angle Connection (DWC) and Unstiffened Seat angle Connection (USC) are considered for this purpose. In addition to the pinned condition - as a simplified representation of these connections - more accurate semi-rigid models are established and then applied to some frame models subjected to nonlinear pushover and nonlinear time history analyses. Although the use of bracing elements generally reduces the sensitivity of the global structural response to the behavior of connections, the obtained results indicate considerable effects on the local responses. Namely, our results show that consideration of the real behavior of connections is essential in designing the column elements where the pin-connection assumption significantly underestimates design of outer columns of upper stories.
Key Words
    simple connections; steel braced frames; nonlinear analysis; seismic response; semi-rigid connections
Saman Bagheri and Navid Vafi Tabrizi: Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran

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