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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 68, Number 4, November25 2018 , pages 443-457

Scattering of torsional surface waves in a three layered model structure
Shishir Gupta, Prasenjit Pati, Anand Mandi and Santimoy Kundu

    In this article, a comparative study has been made to investigate the scattering behaviour of three layered structure model on torsional surface wave. For such model intermediate layer is taken as fiber reinforced composite, resting over a dry sandy Gibson substratum and underlying by different anelastic media. We consider two distinct mediums for topmost layer. In the first case, topmost layer has been taken as fluid saturated homogeneous porous layer, while in the second case the fluid saturated porous layer has been replaced by a transversely isotropic layer. Simple form expression for the secular equation of torsional surface wave has been worked out in both the cases by executing specific boundary conditions, which comprises Whittaker\'s function and its derivative, for imminent result that have been elaborated asymptotically. Some special cases have been constituted which are in excellent compliance with recorded literatures. For the sake of comparative study, numerical estimation and graphical illustration have been accomplished to identify the effects of the width ratio of the layers, Biot\'s gravity parameter, sandy parameter, porosity parameter and other heterogeneity parameters corresponding to the layers and half spaces, horizontal compressive and tensile initial stress on the phase velocity of torsional surface wave.
Key Words
    torsional surface wave; transversely isotropy; porosity; fiber reinforcement; dry-sandy; secular equation
Shishir Gupta, Prasenjit Pati, Anand Mandi and Santimoy Kundu: Department of Applied Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, India

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