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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 67, Number 4, August25 2018, pages 327-336

Structural damage detection using a damage probability index based on frequency response function and strain energy concept
Seyed Ahdiye Bagherahmadi and Seyed Mohammad Seyedpoor

    In this study, an efficient damage index is proposed to identify multiple damage cases in structural systems using the concepts of frequency response function (FRF) matrix and strain energy of a structure. The index is defined based on the change of strain energy of an element due to damage. For obtaining the strain energy stored in elements, the columnar coefficients of the FRF matrix is used. The new indicator is named here as frequency response function strain energy based index (FRFSEBI). In order to assess the performance of the proposed index for structural damage detection, some benchmark structures having a number of damage scenarios are considered. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed index even with considering noise can accurately identify the actual location and approximate severity of the damage. In order to demonstrate the high efficiency of the proposed damage index, its performance is also compared with that of the flexibility strain energy based index (FSEBI) provided in the literature.
Key Words
    damage identification; damage index; strain energy; frequency response function
Seyed Ahdiye Bagherahmadi and Seyed Mohammad Seyedpoor: Department of Civil Engineering, Shomal University, Amol, Iran

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