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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 67, Number 4, August25 2018, pages 317-326

Iterative coupling of precise integration FEM and TD-BEM for elastodynamic analysis
Weidong Lei, Chun Liu, Xiaofei Qin and Rui Chen

    The iterative decomposition coupling formulation of the precise integration finite element method (FEM) and the time domain boundary element method (TD-BEM) is presented for elstodynamic problems. In the formulation, the FEM node and the BEM node are not required to be coincident on the common interface between FEM and BEM sub-domains, therefore, the FEM and BEM are independently discretized. The force and displacement converting matrices are used to transfer data between FEM and BEMnodes on the common interface between the FEM and BEM sub-domains, to renew the nodal variables in the process of the iterations for the un-coincident FEM node and BEM node. The iterative coupling formulation for elastodynamics in current paper is of high modeling accuracy, due to the semi-analytical solution incorporated in the precise integration finite element method. The decomposition coupling formulation for elastodynamics is verified by examples of a cantilever bar under a Heaviside-type force and a harmonic load.
Key Words
    the decomposition coupling formulation; elstodynamics; finite element method; boundary element method
Weidong Lei, Chun Liu, Xiaofei Qin and Rui Chen: Shenzhen Graduate School, Harbin institute of Technology, Shenzhen, 518055, China

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