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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 66, Number 4, May25 2018, pages 423-438

Finite element and design code assessment of reinforced concrete haunched beams
Mehmet Eren Gulsan, Hasan M. Albegmprli and Abdulkadir Cevik

    This pioneer study focuses on finite element modeling and numerical modeling of three types of Reinforced Concrete Haunched Beams (RCHBs). Firstly, twenty RCHBs, consisting of three types, and four prismatic beams which had been tested experimentally were modeled via a nonlinear finite element method (NFEM) based software named as, ATENA. The modeling results were compared with experimental results including load capacity, deflection, crack pattern and mode of failure. The comparison showed a good agreement between the results and thus the model used can be effectively used for further studies of RCHB with high accuracy. Afterwards, new mechanism modes and design code equations were proposed to improve the shear design equation of ACI-318 and to predict the critical effective depth. These equations are the first comprehensive formulas in the literature involving all types of RCHBs. The statistical analysis showed the superiority of the proposed equation to their predecessors where the correlation coefficient, R2 was found to be 0.89 for the proposed equation. Moreover, the new equation was validated using parametric and reliability analyses. The parametric analysis of both experimental and predicted results shows that the inclination angle and the compressive strength were the most influential parameters on the shear strength. The reliability analysis indicates that the accuracy of the new formulation is significantly higher as compared to available design equations and its reliability index is within acceptable limits.
Key Words
    haunched beam; reinforced concrete; finite element; shear capacity; design code
Mehmet Eren Gulsan and Abdulkadir Cevik: Civil Engineering Department, Gaziantep University, University Avenue-Central Campus, Gaziantep, Turkey
Hasan M. Albegmprli: Department of Building & Construction Engineering, Northern Technical University, Engineering Technical College of Mosul, Iraq

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