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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 65, Number 4, February25 2018 , pages 389-400

Effect of temperature and spring-mass systems on modal properties of Timoshenko concrete beam
Hanbing Liu, Hua Wang, Guojin Tan, Wensheng Wang and Ziyu Liu

    An exact solution for the title problem was obtained in closed-form fashion considering general boundary conditions. The expressions of moment, shear and shear coefficient (or shear factor) of cross section under the effect of arbitrary temperature distribution were first derived. In view of these relationships, the differential equations of Timoshenko beam under the effect of temperature were obtained and solved. Second, the characteristic equations of Timoshenko beam carrying several spring-mass systems under the effect of temperature were derived based on the continuity and force equilibrium conditions at attaching points. Then, the correctness of proposed method was demonstrated by a Timoshenko laboratory beam and several finite element models. Finally, the influence law of different temperature distribution modes and parameters of spring-mass system on the modal characteristics of Timoshenko beam had been studied, respectively.
Key Words
    temperature; spring-mass system; mode shape; frequency; Timoshenko beam
Hanbing Liu, Hua Wang, Guojin Tan, Wensheng Wang and Ziyu Liu: College of Transportation, Jilin University, Renmin Street No.5988, Changchun 130022, China

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