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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 64, Number 5, December10 2017, pages 591-610

Static analysis of non-uniform heterogeneous circular plate with porous material resting on a gradient hybrid foundation involving friction force
A. Behravan Rad, M.R. Farzan-Rad and K. Mohammadi Majd

    This paper is concerned with the static analysis of variable thickness of two directional functionally graded porous materials (FGPM) circular plate resting on a gradient hybrid foundation (Horvath-Colasanti type) with friction force and subjected to compound mechanical loads (e.g., transverse, in-plane shear traction and concentrated force at the center of the plate).The governing state equations are derived in terms of displacements based on the 3D theory of elasticity, assuming the elastic coefficients of the plate material except the Poisson‟s ratio varying continuously throughout the thickness and radial directions according to an exponential function. These equations are solved semi-analytically by employing the state space method (SSM) and one-dimensional differential quadrature (DQ) rule to obtain the displacements and stress components of the FGPM plate. The effect of concentrated force at the center of the plate is approximated with the shear force, uniformly distributed over the inner boundary of a FGPM annular plate. In addition to verification study and convergence analysis, numerical results are displayed to show the effect of material heterogeneity indices, foundation stiffness coefficients, foundation gradient indices, loads ratio, thickness to radius ratio, compressibility, porosity and friction coefficient of the foundation on the static behavior of the plate. Finally, the responses of FG and FG porous material circular plates to compound mechanical loads are compared.
Key Words
    functionally graded Porous material; heterogeneous hybrid foundation; circular plate; elasticity; compressibility; porosity; semi-analytical method; friction
A. Behravan Rad : Engineering Department, Zamyad Company, 15 Km Karaj Old Road, P.O 1386183741, Tehran, Iran

M.R. Farzan-Rad : Ministry of Education, Shahryar Branch, 3351739155, Shahryar, Iran

K. Mohammadi Majd : Engineering Department, Zamyad Company, 15 Km Karaj Old Road, P.O 1386183741, Tehran, Iran

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