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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 64, Number 2, October25 2017, pages 225-232

Study on design parameters of leaning-type arch bridges
Ying Li, Ru-Cheng Xiao and Bin Sun

    Leaning-type arch bridge is a new spatial structural system composed of two vertical arches and two leaning arches. So far there has been no contrast analysis of leaning type arch bridge with different systems. This paper focus on a parametric study of leaning type arch bridge with different systems to find the influential rules on structural forces and stability and to provide some reference for practical designs. The parametric analysis is conducted with different rise-to-span ratios and bending rigidities of arch ribs by comparing internal forces. The internal forces decline obviously with the increase of the rise-to-span ratio. The bending moments at the centers of the main arches and the leaning arches are sensitive to the bending rigidities of arch ribs. Parametric studies are also carried out with different structural systems and leaning angles of the leaning arch by comparing the static stability. The lateral stiffness of leaning-type arch bridge is less than the in-plan stiffness. Compared with the leaning-type arch bridge without thrust, the leaning-type arch bridge with thrust has a lower stability safety coefficient. The stability safety coefficient rises gradually with the increase of inclining angle of the leaning arch. This study shows that the rise-to-span ratio, bending rigidities of arch ribs, structural system and leaning angles of the leaning arch are all critical design parameters. Therefore, these parameters in unreasonable range should be avoided.
Key Words
    leaning-type arch bridge; parametric analysis; rise-to-span ratio; bending rigidities of arch ribs; leaning angle of the leaning arch
Ying Li, Ru-Cheng Xiao and Bin Sun: Department of Bridge Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China

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