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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 64, Number 2, October25 2017, pages 155-171

Experimental and FE simulations of ferrocement columns incorporating composite materials
Yousry B.I. Shaheen, Ashraf M. Mahmoud and Hala M. Refat

    This paper presents a proposed method for producing reinforced composite concrete columns reinforced with various types of metallic and non metallic mesh reinforcement. The experimental program includes casting and testing of twelve square columns having the dimensions of 100 mmx100 mmx1000 mm under concentric compression loadings. The test samples comprise all designation specimens to make comparative study between conventionally reinforced concrete column and concrete columns reinforced with welded steel mesh, expanded steel mesh, fiber glass mesh and tensar mesh. The main variables are the type of innovative reinforcing materials, metallic or non metallic, the number of layers and volume fraction of reinforcement. The main objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of employing the new innovative materials in reinforcing the composite concrete columns. The results of an experimental investigation to examine the effectiveness of these produced columns are reported and discussed including strength, deformation, cracking, and ductility properties. Non-linear finite element analysis; (NLFEA) was carried out to simulate the behavior of the reinforced concrete composite columns. The numerical model could agree the behavior level of the test results. ANSYS-10.0 Software. Also, parametric study is presented to look at the variables that can mainly affect the mechanical behaviors of the model such as the change of column dimensions. The results proved that new reinforced concrete columns can be developed with high strength, crack resistance, and high ductility properties using the innovative composite materials.
Key Words
    ferrocement; concrete columns; composite material; experimental; FE modeling; strength; parametric study
Yousry B.I. Shaheen: Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University, Menoufia, Egypt
Ashraf M. Mahmoud: Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI), Al-Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Hala M. Refat : Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Benha University, Benha, Egypt

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