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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 63, Number 4, August25 2017, pages 567-574

Experimental investigation of the effect of baffles on the efficiency improvement of irrigation sedimentation tank structures
Alireza Zamani Nouri and Mohammad Mehdi Heydari

    Sedimentation tanks are essential structures to filter the suspended sediments in the inlet flow which are constructed at the inlet of the basins forked from rivers and irrigation canals. The larger the constructed tank, the better the sedimentation process is conducted. However, the construction and dredging costs increase. In this regard, improving the performance and sedimentation efficiency seem necessary by alternative methods. One of these effective methods is using baffle plates. Most of the studies carried out in this field are on the use of these baffles in the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks. Hence, this study is carrier out with the objective of increasing the retention efficiency in the irrigation sedimentation tanks using baffles. To reach this goal, the experiments were carried out in a flume with length 8 meters, width 0.3 meters, and height 0.5 meters, considering a sedimentation tanks with a length of 3 meters, in three different inlet concentration, three flow rates and three Froude numbers. The baffles were mounted at the bottom of the tank and the effects of the angle, height and position in the tanks were investigated. The results showed that on average, employing the baffles increased the sedimentation efficiency 5 to 6% and the highest value was obtained for angle 60 with respect to the flow direction. According to the results of this study, the most favorable height and position of these baffles were obtained to be in 40% of the depth of the flow and 50% of the length of the sedimentation tank, respectively. Also, by increasing the number of baffles, the sedimentation efficiency decreased. Regarding the sedimentation regions in this case, more than 80% of the settled sediments were observed in the middle of the tank measured from the inlet.
Key Words
    sedimentation tank, retention, baffles, suspended sediments
Alireza Zamani Nouri : Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Saveh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Saveh, Iran
Mohammad Mehdi Heydari : Kahana water and Wastewater Company, Iran

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