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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 63, Number 3, August10 2017, pages 329-345

Study on dynamic interaction between crack and inclusion or void by using XFEM
Shouyan Jiang and Chengbin Du

    This paper devoted to study dynamic interaction between crack and inclusion or void by developing the eXtended Finite Element Methods (XFEM). A novel XFEM approximation is presented for these structures containing multi discontinuities (void, inclusion, and crack). The level set methods are used so that elements that include a crack segment, the boundary of a void, or the boundary of an inclusion are not required to conform to discontinuous edges. The investigation covers the effects of a single circular or elliptical void / stiff inclusion, and multi stiff inclusions on the crack propagation path under dynamic loads. Both the void and the inclusion have a significant effect on the dynamic crack propagation path. The crack initially curves towards into the void, then, the crack moves round the void and propagates away the void. If a large void lies in front of crack tip, the crack may propagate into the void. If an enough small void lies in front of crack tip, the void may have a slight or no influence on the crack propagation path. For a stiff inclusion, the crack initially propagates away the inclusion, then, after the crack moves round the inclusion, it starts to propagate along its original path. As a (the ratio of the elastic modulus of the inclusion to that of the matrix) increases, a larger curvature of the crack path deflection can be observed. However, as a increases from 2 to 10, the curvature has an evident increase. By comparison, the curvature has a slight increase, as a from 10 to 1000.
Key Words
    extended finite element methods; dynamic interaction; crack; inclusion; void
Shouyan Jiang and Chengbin Du: Department of Engineering Mechanics, Hohai University, Nanjing 210098, China

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