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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 63, Number 3, August10 2017, pages 293-302

Investigation of load transfer along interfaces of jacketed square columns
Dimitra V. Achillopoulou

    This study deals with a numerical investigation of load transfer along interfaces of jacketed columns using finite element models. Appropriate plasticity and constitutive models are used to simulate the response of concrete and steel bars. Experimental data were used to calibrate the simulation of mechanical characteristics. The different compressive strength of core and jacket concrete, the confinement ratio, the dowels\'s diameter size and the load pattern shapes were considered. The path diagrams along the interfaces elucidate the areas around the dowel bars where due to stress concentration plastic hinges and intense discontinuities are created. The stress flow also depicts the contribution of confinement of the jacketed area to the overall resonant load capacity of the core column. The scope of the research is to identify and quantify the shear transfer along the interfaces of strengthened elements.
Key Words
    RC jacketing; finite element model; interface; reinforced concrete; confinement
Dimitra V. Achillopoulou: Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, La Sapienza University of Rome, via Eudossiana 18, 00184, Italy

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