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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 61, Number 5, March10 2017, pages 675-684

A hybrid seismic response control to improve performance of a two-span bridge
Gwanghee Heo, Chunggil Kim, Seunggon Jeon, Chinok Lee and Joonryong Jeon

    In this paper, a hybrid seismic response control (HSRC) system was developed to control bridge behavior caused by the seismic load. It was aimed at optimum vibration control, composed of a rubber bearing of passive type and MR-damper of semi-active type. Its mathematical modeling was driven and applied to a bridge model so as to prove its validity. The bridge model was built for the experiment, a two-span bridge of 8.3 meters in length with the HSRC system put up on it. Then, inflicting the EI Centro seismic load on it, shaking table tests were carried out to confirm the system\'s validity. The experiments were conducted under the basic structure state (without an MR-damper applied) first, and then under the state with an MRdamper applied. It was also done under the basic structure state with a reinforced rubber bearing applied, then the passive on/off state of the HSRC system, and finally the semi-active state where the control algorithm was applied to the system. From the experiments, it was observed that pounding rather increased when the MR-damper alone was applied, and also that the application of the HSRC system effectively prevented it from occurring. That is, the experiments showed that the system successfully mitigated structural behavior by 70% against the basic structure state, and, further, when control algorithm is applied for the operation of the MR-damper, relative displacement was found to be effectively mitigated by 80%. As a result, the HSRC system was proven to be effective in mitigating responses of the two-span bridge under seismic load.
Key Words
    hybrid seismic response control system; rubber bearing; MR-damper; shaking table test; control algorithm
Gwanghee Heo, Chunggil Kim and Joonryong Jeon: Department of Civil Engineering, Konyang University, 121 Daehak-ro, Nonan, Chungcheongnam 32992, Republic of Korea
Seunggon Jeon, Chinok Lee: Department of Civil Engineering, Chungnam National University, 99 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34134, Republic of Korea

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