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Structural Engineering and Mechanics   Volume 61, Number 3, February10 2017, pages 389-396
Simplified approach for the evaluation of critical stresses in concrete pavement
Rameshwar J. Vishwakarma and Ramakant K. Ingle

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Concrete pavements are subjected to traffic and environmental loadings. Repetitive type of such loading cause fatigue distress which leads to failure by forming cracks in pavement. Fatigue life of concrete pavement is calculated from the stress ratio (i.e. the ratio of applied flexural stress to the flexural strength of concrete). For the correct estimation of fatigue life, it is necessary to determine the maximum flexural tensile stress developed for practical loading conditions. Portland cement association PCA (1984) and Indian road congress IRC 58 (2015) has given charts and tables to determine maximum edge stresses for particular loading and subgrade conditions. It is difficult to determine maximum stresses for intermediate loading and subgrade conditions. The main purpose of this study is to simplify the analysis of rigid pavement without compromising the accuracy. Equations proposed for determination of maximum flexural tensile stress of pavement are verified by finite element analysis.
Key Words
    concrete pavement; flexural stress; edge stress; slab thickness; radius of relative stiffness; simplified approach
Rameshwar J. Vishwakarma and Ramakant K. Ingle : Department of Applied Mechanics, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India

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