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Structural Engineering and Mechanics
  Volume 61, Number 1, January10 2017, pages 1-13

Seismic repair of captive-column damage with CFRPs in substandard RC frames
Onur Tunaboyu and Özgür Avşar

    The effectiveness of the repair scheme for the damaged captive-columns with CFRPs (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) was investigated in terms of response quantities such as strength, ductility, dissipated energy and stiffness degradation. Two 1/3 scale, one-story one-bay RC (Reinforced Concrete) frames were designed to represent the substandard RC buildings in Turkish building stock. The first one, which is the reference specimen, is the bare frame without infill wall. Partial infill wall with opening was constructed between the columns of the second frame and this caused captive column defect. Severe damage was observed with the concentration of shear cracks in the second specimen columns. Then, the damaged members were repaired by CFRP wrapping and retested. For the three test series, similar reversed cyclic lateral displacement under combined effect of axial load was applied to the top of the columns. Overall response of the bare frame was dominated by flexural cracks. Brittle type of shear failure in the column top ends was observed in the specimen with partial infill wall. It was observed that former capacity of damaged members of the second frame was recovered by the applied repair scheme. Moreover, ultimate displacement capacity of the damaged frame was improved considerably by CFRP wrapping.
Key Words
    repair; reinforced concrete; captive-column; CFRP; seismic
Onur Tunaboyu and Özgür Avşar: Department of Civil Engineering, Anadolu University, 2 Eylul Campus, Eskisehir, Turkey

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